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oil safe 1.5 Quart Drum

1.5 Quart/Liter Drum

Oil Safe Sample Kit

Oil Safe Sample Kit

5 Gallon Pail with Pump Adapter Kit

Includes: 5 Gallon Pail, Lid Adapter, Adapter Cap, Color Coded Label


FF5GP0 Tan
FF5GP1 Black
FF5GP2 Blue
FF5GP3 Dark Green
FF5GP4 Grey
FF5GP5 Light Green
FF5GP6 Orange
FF5GP7 Purple
FF5GP8 Red
FF5GP9 Yellow

As low as $80.00


5 Gallon Pail 

  • Made of FDA Compliant HDPE Plastic 
  • UN Rated 
  • Space Saving Design 
  • Dimensions: 11-25/32" L x 9-3/4" W x 15-3/16" H
  • Vent Style: Open Vent

Pump Adapter - Attaches the Basic, Standard, Premium, and Battery Operated Pumps

Replacement Cap - Keep contaniments out when not in use 

Color Coded Vinyl ID Tag - Color code your oils per plant specs. Easy to write on durable identification