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Luneta Fluid Analysis

luneta bowl category

The Bowl

The ultimate 2-in-1 accessory with both a sight glass and BS&W bowl

Standard Features:
  • Made of impact-resistant Tritan that is chemically resistant 
  • Provides visual indication of water and sediment 
  • Draws wear patricles to the bottle preventing machine failure

luneta hub category

The Hub

The Hub Delivers more port versatility with four lateral ports to install compatible attachments. 

Standard Features:
  • Shielded and robust design 
  • Can be used to attach drain valves, sight glasses, quick connects, filter carts, etc.
  • Adjustable every 45° for optimal orientation 

luneta pod category

The Pod

The Conditioning Monitoring Pod provides nearly a 360° view of the oil due to the ultra-durable, crystal clear, and chemically resistan Tritan material.

Standard Features: 
  • Visible corrosion indicator shows when chemistry has changed 
  • Visible magnetic plug to capture and display wear debries 
  • Built-in sampling valve 



Protect oil drums from contamination ingression during storage with the Air-Lock. 

  • Multiple Air-Locks 
  • Activating Air-Lock with Compressed Air 
  • Air-Lock Indicating Drum is Sealed 

luneta column category

The Column

The Column is a 3D sight glass designed for monitoring of fluids with greater fluctuations in level 

Standard Features: 
  • Constructed of thick high impact acrylic 
  • 3 Micron stainless breather or vent tube kit 
  • Tamper-proof level rings 

luneta sight glass category

The Sight Glass

The Sight Glass is a 3D sight class providing close to a 360° view of the oil. Great for daily quick inspections 

Standard Features:
  • Constructed of Tritan Advanced Polymer 
  • 2 Eyelets for tagging information 
  • Flat front face for pen light or camera fluid inspection and analysis 

luneta sampling category


Standard and high flow sampling kits and sampling accessories for fluid monitoring and testing. 

Featured Sampling Products 
  • High Flow Oil Sampling Kit 
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Purge and Sample Bottles