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GOLD Low Pressure Series (GLP)

gold low pressure series features

Preventing contamination damage saves significant time, money, and resources. Designed for low pressure systems, the Gold Low Pressure units remove large particles, fiber, sludge, and water, but it doesn't stop there - the GLP's also polish the fluid by removing silt and fine particles down to 1 micron.

No tools are necessary for element changes with our T-bar style handles. The GLP series is built around heavy duty construction allowing for mounting on high vibration equipment. Push button sample ports are provided for easy oil sampling. By filtering down to 1 micron, these units maintain cleanliness levels several grades cleaner than brand new oil, which significantly extends the life of lubricated components and oil. 

Typical Applications:
  • Mining Operations 
  • Off-Highway Equipment 
  • Power Generations 
  • Marine Vessels 
  • Gear Boxes 
  • Port Equipment 
  • Construction 
  • Forestry 
Features & Benefits:
  • Filters down to 1 micron, several grades cleaner than new oil 
  • Moisture removal down to 100ppm
  • Lower ISO codes 
  • Dramatically extends oil life and rebuild cycles 
  • Media flow path 30-50 times longer than full flow, in-line filter elements 
  • Extends total base number (TBN) life
  • Sample prot for easily drawn oil samples
  • Depth-style filtration for maximum dirt holding capacity and efficiency 
  • Reduces contamination failure in hydraulic systems, transmission fluids, mobile hydraulic systems, and stationary hydraulic systems


Many of these systems are built to order and are customized to your application. Give us a call at 1-630-922-5020 or send us an email for more information.

Click here for a detailed product data sheet. (PDF)

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    Gold Low Pressure Series - 100
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