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D-Series - Disposable and Stationary
L-Series - In-Line Low Airflow
M-Series - Heavy Duty
R-Series - High Vibration
X-Series - High Humidity/Dust
XR-Series - Extreme Environment
Z-Series - Limited Space
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Grease Fitting Protector
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Oil Safe Bulk Storage System
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Solutions for lubricant and fluid, storage, management, and delivery. Oil Safe, Label Safe, and Grease Safe help promote best fluid management. Quickly and easily label containers, machinery, and more to help keep a safe, controlled, and organized workplace.

Keep oil and other lubricants clean from contamination with Oil Safe containers. The Oil Safe lubricating system includes industrial strength plastic oil containers that are ideal for oil storage and delivery whether in shop or on location. These rugged lube containers can be color coded for simply delivery and storage. With various Oil Safe lids and pumps, lubricating equipment is safer, easier, and cleaner. A variety of color coded labeling options are also available that help organize your lubricants to color match equipment with product.

Grease Safe tools help with your grease applications with color coding options and other tools to make productivity improve and downtime a thing of the past.

With a few simple tools from, your workplace can be well organized and safe.

  • Protect lubricants from contamination.
  • Minimize the risk of dangerous and costly spills and leakage.
  • Makes lubrication tasks easier, faster, and safer.